Wednesday, 7 November 2012


For the one month project we were set to publish a magazine based upon the word "eternal".

Here is my spin on it. I themed it upon eternal beings, creatures that will never day, things that will never end and the cross over between past and future ~

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Digital Paintings

practicing some digital with now moving to be a visual graphic designer.

Back in Carlisle!

Had an amazing summer but now back to the Isle of Carl :) Teapot Tuesday anyone??

Wolfiboi Webpages!

wolfiboi productions is up! a place with all of my artwork.

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shop at for comics!

If Pokemon were real??

Got an idea of real Pokemon that would be in an encyclopedia..

Bulbasaur - Ivysaur - Venusaur


New Who

Got really excited for the new seventh series of dotor who! New companion Jenna Loiuse Coleman is going to be amazing - plus she's from Blackpool!!!

Oswin Design ~

                                         (small pic a tad fuzzy - click for better resolution)

America Road Trip!

Towards the end of summer I went to live at my Dad's who lives in Oklahoma. Had loads of fun seeing different animals and a whole different culture. Weather was brillaint and got to handle 2nd powerfullest gun in the world and some and bow and arrows!

Went to Arkansas and Chiacago/Illinois and Missouri and passed kansas.

Summer Job

During summer I got a job at a Piercing Parlour where my boss let my sell my artwork :D

Made these creepy dolls and sold them for £10!/photo.php?fbid=404536762936859&set=a.404536759603526.92404.401876389869563&type=1&theater!/photo.php?fbid=404536762936859&set=a.404536759603526.92404.401876389869563&type=1&theater

Monday, 30 April 2012

BattleBabies Nets

All nets for BattleBabies figures


Hello! From the twisted world of Battle Babies!
Here are some of the cast from the first three generations.

Left to Right: skelebob's pet, croc-in-a-box, socky, wolfdude, tribe guy, skelebob, gruesome twosome, nurse. nunnungton, mrs and mr bear, slugtor, soupie, swollen head bethany, killer cod, dr pelicann.
Plus baby green, baby pink, baby blue and baby red.

New Paper toys available!
Collectable figures with each BattleBabies collection magazine!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Janice's Mouth!

Photoshop Class making a wierd montage thus equalling a brand new tv series - Janice's Mouth!
I have used all editing tool elements specified on the task.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Typography - The Movie!

                                                                         Day to Night

Maureen's Class

Four designs i did in Maureen's classes.
Eagle Wars
Foxy Fire
Revenge of the Face Balloons
Army of Ducks

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Phantom Menace Poster

Inspired by Olly Moss' Star Wars Trilogy Posters, I have made a Prequilogy Poster for episode one.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Twin Bedrooms

Inspired by Joesph Cornells box style and Olivier's style of messy drawing iv'e made two boxes that reflect on twins personalities contrasting through clothing, colour, style, hobbies and materialism.

Olly Moss - Star Wars Original Trioligy Posters

I absolutley fell in love with this design being a massive Star Wars geek. I love how he has used things from the episodes like the two moons of Tattoine on C3PO's eyes and Cloud City on Boboa Fetts vizor!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Misfit Dolls ~ Wave 1





A Whole New Year!

With my laptop revived and 2012 ready to go ~ let's get this show on the road!!

2012 Tattoo

A tattoo of Ash/ Red and Pikachu from the Original Yellow series.
Pokemon has been my main inspiration to art from since i was 6, watching it
made me realise my dream of being a cartoon illustrator.